​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Department of Psychiatry


Administration staff ​

Miranda Majiet
Personal Assistant to EHoD, Prof. Seedat, and
Personal Assistant to Chair Holder, Prof. Emsley
Email:  majietm@sun.ac.za
Tel:  021 938 9658
Office:  K Floor, Room 0024, Clinical Building, Tygerberg Campus


Mary Pienaar
Student Administrator:  Psychiatry
Email:  maryp@sun.ac.za
Tel:  021 938 9023
Office:  2nd Floor, Room 2006, Clinical Building, Tygerberg Campus

Talia Ramedies
Administrative Officer:  Psychiatry
Email:  ​​taliar@sun.ac.za
Tel:  021 938 9116
Office:  2nd Floor, Room 2003/2004, Clinical Building, Tygerberg Campus


Aneesa Thomas
Administrative Officer: Psychology
Email:  aneesat@sun.ac.za
Tel:  021 938 9445
Office:  2nd Floor, Room 2012, Clinical Building, Tygerberg Campus


Patricia van Zyl
Departmental Financial Officer
Student Administration - 3rd year MBChB and PAT AGB
Administrator:  MRC Unit
Email:  pvz@sun.ac.za
Tel:  021 938 9165
Office:  2nd Floor, Room 2017, Clinical Building, Tygerberg Campus


Talita Pienaar

Administrative Teaching Assistant: Psychiatry
Undergraduate and Late Rotations
Email:  studentfinlo@gmail.com
Tel:  021 940 4455
Office:  Medical Suite at Stikland Hospital


Samantha Eaves
Administrative Assistant: Addiction Care
Email:  addictions@sun.ac.za
Tel:  021 940 4455
Office:  Medical Suite at Stikland Hospital


Andrea Engelbrecht
Administrator:  FASER-SA
Email:  aengelbrecht@sun.ac.za
Tel:  021 938 9345
Office:  5th Floor, Clinical Building, Tygerberg Campus


Suzelle Kruger
Administrator:  FASER-SA
Email:  suzelk@sun.ac.za​
Tel:  021 938 9237
Office:  5th Floor, Room 5047, Clinical Building, Tygerberg Campus

Vanessa Jones
Administrator:  SARChI and PaM-D
Email:  vanessaj@sun.ac.za
Tel:  021 938 9784
Office:  5th Floor, Clinical Building, Tygerberg Campus​