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The Nutrition Information Centr​e ​​of the University of Stellenbosch​ (NICUS) Nutrients ​Minerals Microminerals:​ Selenium, Copper, Iodine, Manganese, Fluoride, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Chromium​​​ Minerals Ma​​jor Functions Sources Selenium Its antioxidant properties protect against damage to cells and help maintain their health Involved in enzyme activitiesGrains  Onion  Brazil nuts  Seafoods  Kidney  Liver  Meats Vegetable Copper Needed for the absorption and use of iron in the formation of red blood cells Helps to form the protective covering of nerves Forms part of many enzymesLiver  Shellfish  Whole grains Legumes  Kidney  Poultry  Oysters  Chocolate  Nuts Iodine Forms part of thyroid hormones that helps to regulate growth, development, and metabolic rateIodised salt  Seafood Plants grown in iodine-rich soil  Manganese Component of essential enzyme systemBeet greens  Whole grains  Nuts  Legumes Fruit Fluoride Present in bone and teeth Helps make teeth resistant to decay May help to minimize bone lossFluoridated water  Food grown or cooked in fluoridated water Tea  Seafood Molybdenum Constituent of essential enzymesLegumes  Cereals  rgan meats Cobalt Part of Vitamin B12 and is therefore involved in nerve function and blood formationFoods of animal origin  Meats  Milk  Dairy products Chromium Associated the functioning of insulin and glucose metabolismWhole grain cereals  Vegetable oils  Meat Brewer's yeast​​