Welcome to Stellenbosch University

​​​​​​​​​The Nutrition Information Centr​e ​​of the 
University of Stellenbosch​ (NICUS)


The prime aim of the Centre is to provide and disseminate appropriate information on issues of food and nutrition as well as to afford an accurate and balanced perspective on new and emerging issues which may be the cause of confusion and misinformation. The service is accessible to the public, the media, health professionals and the food industry.

NICUS currently provides the following services:

Dissemination of Nutrition Information:

Fact sheets

    • Compilation of nutrition pamphlets
    • Compilation of fact sheets
    • Updating of existing pamphlets
    • Printing of pamphlets
    • Development of posters
    • Dissemination of pamphlets and fact sheets
    • Collection, compilation and interpretation of the recent literature on a given topic

Service to the Public (Free of charge)

    • Telephone, written communication (e-mail, letter) and free access to NICUS website

Service the Media

    • The Centre engages with the media in the form of lay articles for newspapers and popular magazines as well as radio and television presentations primarily in South Africa but also countries in the African continent and the world.

Provision of Nutrition Training:


    • Lecturing
    • Exposure to media
    • Entrepreneurial skills

Health professionals

    • Continuous Professional Development
    • Symposia/Congresses
    • Information Support
    • Custom designed lectures and workshops (HIV/AIDS, TB, Infant feeding, Food safety, Food fortification, Nutritional therapy, Diseases of the lifestyle, Micronutrient supplementation)

Research Activities:

    • Clinical trials
    • Product design
    • Nutrition education
    • Information and Communication Technology
    • Dietary methodology
    • Contract research

Provision of Consultancy Services:

    • Product development
    • Food labelling issues
    • Commissioned desk top reviews
    • Analytical Services
    • Menu planning and costing
    • Pamphlet development
    • Market research​