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This infectious diseases-focused research entity resorts under the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health.

FAM-CRU (formerly known as KID-CRU), the Family Clinical Research Unit, was established in 2002 and officially opened its doors in September 2003 as a research unit for clinical trials. The unit's mission is to perform quality research and to become a centre of excellence for the management of paediatric infectious diseases.

Its research is endorsed by both provincial and national government. FAM-CRU concentrates primarily on research in the treatment and management of paediatric HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, thus enhancing our capacity to manage these conditions.


The Division of Medical Virology, Department of Pathology

The Division of Medical Virology delivers a comprehensive diagnostic virology service which includes the detection and isolation of viruses as well as serological assays. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are trained by the division.

Research in the division continues to focus on different aspects of HIV. Research areas are:​

  • The genomic diversity and molecular epidemiology of HIV,
  • Immunological aspects of HIV infection relevant to development of vaccines; and
  • Other novel immunotherapeutic approaches, and antiretroviral drug resistance.


In October 2008, the FMHS became the first partner site within the Global HIV Vaccine Research Cryorepository (GHR​C) consortium at which highly specialised, unique cryo-equipment was installed.

​GHRC is led by Dr Hagen von Briesen of the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering in Germany, a leading organisation for applied research and development with special expertise in cryobiotechnology, and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Its aim is the establishment of a global HIV specimen collection comprising clinical samples (serum, plasma, PBMC, virus isolates) using a state-of-the-art repository.