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​​Business Management 

The Department focuses on the the following five areas: Investment Management, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, as wel as Marketing Management.

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The Department is unique in SA in integrating the disciplines of Logistics Management, Operations Research, Quantitative Management and Transport Economics. Subjects can be followed in several BCom and BSc programmes at second year level.

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Industrial Psychology 

The focus of Industrial Psychology is the optimal development and utilisation of human resources in the work situation. We focus on training students for a career in the management of human resources in organisations.

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The Department's four major subjects, which all commence on second year level, can be taken as part of several BCom and BSc programmes. They are: Logistics Management, Quantitative Management, Operations Research and Transport Economics.

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​​Statistics & Actuarial Science

Our courses, designed to develop the skills required by professionals to analyse and interpret large volumes of data and information, lead to careers in statistics, actuarial science and financial risk management, among others.

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