Statistics and Actuarial Science
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Becoming an Actuary

​To become an actuary (a Fellow member of the Actuarial Society of South Africa – an internationally-recognised qualification) you currently need to pass the following set of examinations:​

Actuarial Society of South Africa
​Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK)

Part A1 (Foundation Technical)

​A101​CT3Probability and Mathematical Statistics
​A103​CT2​Finance and Financial Reporting


Part A2 (Intermediate Technical)

​A201CT1Financial Mathematics
​A204CT6Statistical Methods
​A205CT8Financial Economics


Part A3 (Core Principles)

​A301 CA1​Actuarial Risk Management



Part F1 (Fellowship Principles) Any two subjects from:

​F101​ST1​Health and Care Principles
​F102​ST2​Life Insurance Principles
​F103​ST3​General Insurance Principles
​F104​ST4​Pension and Other Benefits Principles
​F105​ST5​Finance and Investment Principles
​F106​ST9​Enterprise Risk Management


Part F2 (Fellowship Applications) Any one subject from:

​F200​SA0​Research Option
​F201​SA1​Health and Care Applications
​F202​SA2​Life Insurance Applications
​F203​SA3​General Insurance Applications
​F204​SA4​Pension and Other Benefits Applications
​F205​SA6​Investment Applications
Plus any one subject from:
​F211​P1​Health and Care Practice Module
​F212​P2Life Insurance Practice Module
​F213​P3​General Insurance Practice Module
​F214​P4​Pension and Other Benefits Practice Module
​F215​P6​Investment Practice Module


Part F3 (Fellowship Professionalism Skills)​​

​A401​CT9​Business Awareness Module
(a two-day course)
​A402​CA2​Model Documentation, Analysis and Reporting
(a two-day course)
​F303​Fellowship Work-based Skills (completed as one builds up suitable work-based experience)
​F304​Fellowship Professionalism Course
(a two-day course)