Statistics and Actuarial Science
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Undergraduate Actuarial Science

​Here you can find information regarding the undergraduate actuarial science programme offered in the department. 

See the Faculty Calendar (Yearbook) here for a more detailed description of the various modules.

​BCom (Actuarial Science)

This program is directed towards the professional qualification of actuary. With respect to Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics, the curricula of the Faculty of Actuaries in Edinburgh and the Institute of Actuaries in London, are followed. Students obtain exemptions from certain Faculty or Institute examinations, if they obtain a satisfactory pass mark in these subjects.

First Year (144 or 154 credits)

​​Compulsory Modules
​Actuarial Science​112(8), 142(16)
​Business Management​​​113(12), 142(6)
​​​Economics   ​​114(12), 144(12)
​Financial Accounting​188(24)
​Information Systems​112(6) or
​​Computer Science  ​114(16)
​Mathematics​114(16), 144(16)
Probability Theory and Statistics ​144(16)

Second Year (136 credits)

​​Compulsory Modules
Actuarial Science​242(16), 274(24)
​Financial Risk Management​212(8)
​​Mathematical Statistics​​214(16), 245(8), 246(8)
​​​Mathematics​​214(16), 244(16)
​Plus at least 24 credits from elective modules
​​Economics​​214(16), 244(16)
​Financial Risk Management​​242(8)

Third Year (144 credits)

​​Compulsory Modules
Actuarial Science326(24), 346(24), 388(32)
​Mathematical Statistics​312(16), 316(16), 344(16), 364(16)