Business Management
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​Question: How do I contact the Department?

Answer: Refer to contact us

Question: How do I go about applying for the honours degree in Business Management?

Answer: Consult the Registrar at the Administration of the University, see contact us, complete the required forms and include your complete academic record. This information will then be sent to the Department for evaluation.

Question: How many credits do I require to be awarded the honours degree in Business Management?

Answer: A student must earn 120 credits of which 76 must be earned in the Department of Business Management. Consult the information brochure for post graduate study in business management issued annually by the Department of Business Management.

Question: How can I get into the Honours Programme if my third year Business Management module average is not 60%?

Answer: The mark obtained for a module in the past examination may be improved by repeating the module or rewriting the examination with the permission of the lecturer. This does not affect a credit previously earned.

Question: What do I register for in my first year?

Answer: Click on the following link for more information about undergraduate programmes: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences Yearbook

Question: What is required for admission?

Answer: For admission to any of the five programmes, matriculation exemption with 60% in Mathematics is required.

Question: What is the closing date for applications?

Answer: Application for admission to any of the programmes must be completed before the end of June. Please note that application for lodging must take place before the end of June.

Question: How do I apply?

Answer: Application forms are available from:

The Registrar, Stellenbosch University
Private Bag X1, MATIELAND 7602

The University’s Yearbook with general information (Part 1) and full particulars of the programmes referred to in the above brochure (Part 10) may also be obtained here.​