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Investment Management Research

The Department’s expertise in Investment Management cover topics such as asset pricing, passive investing, ethical investing, retirement savings adequacy, impact investing, accounting distortions and inflation, housing, real estate, and REITs.

Asset pricing

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Passive investing

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Ethical investing

  • Viviers, S. & Steyn, J.P. 2020. The performance of morally questionable shares in South Africa (2004-2019). Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences, 13(1).

Retirement savings adequacy

  • De Villiers, J.U. & Roux, E. 2019. Reframing the retirement saving challenge: Getting to a sustainable lifestyle level. Journal of Financial Counselling and Planning, 30(2):277-288.
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Impact investment

  • Viviers, S. & De Villiers, J.U. 2021. Impact investments that have stood the test of time: Historical homes of South Africa (1966-2020). Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment.

Accounting distortions and inflation

  • De Villiers, J.U. 1989. Inflation, asset structure and the discrepancy between accounting and true return. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 16(4):493-506.
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  • Carstens, R., Freybote, J. & Fang, Y. 2020. The impact of municipal water use restrictions on the pricing of water-sensitive features in single-family homes. Journal of Real Estate Research, 42(4):476-498.

Real estate and textual analysis

  • Carstens, R. & Freybote, J. 2021. Can the textual tone in REIT financial statements improve the information environment for commercial real estate investors? An investigation. Journal of Real Estate Research, 43(3):335-354.
  • Carstens, R. & Freybote, J. 2019. Tone in REIT financial statements and institutional investments. Journal of Property Research, 36(3):227-244.


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