Business Management
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Investment Management

This programme focuses on Investment Management, and is aimed towards acquiring the International  CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) qualification.

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Financial Management

​This focal area is geared to employment in the private sector where specialised​ knowledge of financial management and analysis is required.

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Financial Planning

​​The focal area Financial Planning has specifically been developed to enable students to enroll​​ for the Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning after the successful completion of their BComm degree.

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

​This focal area assists students to obtain an orientation of possibly establishing their own business in future and not strive to achieve the so-called work security in the form of a fixed appointment.

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Marketing Management

​The course focusses on equipping students to be able to make product, price, promotion and distribution decisions.

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​For more detailed information on the various focus areas the subjects refer to the Economic and Mangement Science Faculty's annual yearbook.

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