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FAQs: Undergraduate Programmes

  1. Question:: How do I contact the Department of Business Management if I have questions about the BCom degree in Business Management/Management Sciences? Where do I get more information on the different focal areas? Where can I get information on the admission requirements?

    Answer: Please consult the general brochure of the department, and the short brochure of the particular degree in which you are interested. Alternatively, send an email to the undergraduate coordinator, Morné Daniels. You can also find the contact details of the Business Management academic staff here.

  2. Question:: What are the admission requirements for the BCom (Management Sciences) degree?

    Answer: The admission requirements for the three-year BCom (Management Sciences) degree (regardless of the focal area you are choosing) are as follows:

    • An overall National Senior Certificate average of at least 65%, excluding Life Orientation
    • Mathematics 60% (Financial Literacy does not offer you admission to a BCom degree.)
    • One of the following: Afrikaans Home Language 50% or English Home Language 50% or Afrikaans First Additional Language 60% or English First Additional Language 60%.
  3. Question:: What are the admission requirements for the BCom (International Business) degree?

    Answer: The Department of Business Management is also the home of the four-year BCom (International Business) degree. This is a four-year selection programme, including six months of international exchange at an overseas university. For this reason, you cannot transfer to this programme from another programme. The minimum admission requirements for the BCom (International Business) are:

    • Overall National Senior Certificate average of at least 80%, excluding Life Orientation
    • Mathematics 70%
    • English Home Language 70% or English First Additional Language 80%
    • Any additional language 70%

    The BCom (International Business) is a strict selection programme with set criteria that have to be met in order to proceed from one academic year to the next. If your modules are not up to date at the beginning of your third academic year, you have to switch to BCom (Management Sciences). Please direct your enquiries to the programme coordinator Prof Pierre Erasmus.

  4. Question:: How does the Department of Business Management select students?

    Answer: The faculty selects new first-year students to meet its overall enrolment target. An additional selection process applies to some programmes like the BCom (International Business).

    Students must meet the minimum admission requirements of the programmes for which they apply. You will find detailed admission requirements for undergraduate programmes on the website of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.

    For admission your selection mark must be high enough. Once you know that you meet the admission requirements, you can submit your application. The faculty will then calculate a selection mark for you, which it will use in the selection process. If your selection mark is inadequate, you may not be selected even though you meet the minimum admission requirements.

  5. Question:: What is the closing date for applications?

    Answer: Your application for admission to any of the programmes must be submitted before the end of June. Consult this link for the specific date and more information on the application process.

  6. Question:: What is the duration of a BCom (Management Sciences) degree?

    Answer: If you pass all your modules as scheduled, the duration is three years. The BCom (International Business) is a four-year programme.

  7. Question:: Can I specialise in a direction of my choice?

    Answer: After a ‘generic’ first year – during which you need to complete the same prescribed modules as any other BCom student – you can specialise by selecting the second-year and third-year modules in which you are interested. The broad focal areas in which you can choose modules are Investment Management (including Financial Planning), Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

    The BCom (Management Sciences) programme offers you a wide range of modules to choose from. As a first-year student, you can e-register for the broad programme only (for example, BCom (Management Sciences). In your second and third year you will be able to e-register for a focal area within the broad Management Sciences programme. If you complete all the compulsory modules of the focal area in your final year, the focal area in which you specialised will be indicated on your academic transcript.

  8. Question:: What is the language of tuition?

    Answer: English or Afrikaans

  9. Question:: How many credits do I need to obtain a BCom degree?

    Answer: The minimum credits for the BCom (Management Sciences) are 374. The minimum credits for the BCom (International Business) are 516.

    For more detail on credits per year as well as the subjects for each year and focal area, please consult the brochure of the Department and the Yearbook of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.

  10. Question:: How do I register/enrol for my first year?

    Answer: Click on this link for detail on the registration options and process.

    The Registrar, Stellenbosch University
    Private Bag X1, MATIELAND 7602

    Prospective students may also view the University's Yearbook/Calendar with general information (Part 1) and full particulars of the programmes referred to in the above (Part 10).