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BPubAdminHons/BCom in PDM


Academic Programme Head: BPubAdminHons​/BCom in PDM

Prof Zwelinzima Ndevu 
Tel:  021 918 4129
Fax: 021 918 4123

Senior Programme Administrator: BPubAdminHons & MPA ​

Ms Lydia Meyer  

Tel:  021 918 4192
Fax: 021 918 4123

BPubAdminHons​/BCom in PDM

The purpose of this programme is to equip graduates in public management and development and mid-career public and development managers already in possession of a degree other than Public and Development Management with policy analytical and management competencies at Honours level in order to establish and enhance good governance at local, provincial, national and regional public and development sectors.

Admission Requirements​

  • A BA, BAdmin, BEcon, BCom degree in Public and Development Management with an acceptable study record, 


  • Any university degree/BTech degree/four-year tertiary diploma with an acceptable study record, appropriate work exposure and the passing of five NQF level 6 admission modules, 


  • Any three-year tertiary diploma with an acceptable study record, at least five years appropriate work exposure, meeting the RPL policy requirements of the University according to which the equivalent of 120 credits at NQF level 6 are assessed and recognised, as well as the passing of five NQF level 6 admission modules.

Programme Content


  •  Orientation to Research Methodology and writing skills
  • Orientation to Public Management

  • Orientation to Development

  • Orientation to Public Policy

  • Computer Skills

PERFORMANCE MODULES: NQF Level 8 (120 credits)

  • Financial Management and Cost Accounting

  • Information and Communication Technology

  • Leadership and Change Management

  • People Management

  • Project Management

  • Public Policy Management

  • Sustainable Development

  • Research Report

  • Organisational Design

  • Economic Governance

  • Political Governance OR Local Governance (electives)


Course Fees

Online Application fee: R100

BPubAdminHons tuition fee total : ±R56 751.55* incl. laptop with e-books / hard copy books (excl. travelling and accommodation expenses you may incur)

Registration fee: R8278.00  

*The registration fee is a minimum payment towards the total tuition fee. It is therefore not an additional payment besides the amounts mentioned above.



For further information on fees, bursaries or the curriculum please contact Ms. Lydia Meyer at Tel +27 (0)21 918 4192 or email lrm@sun.ac.za

International st​udents must address enquiries to the International office at e-mail address interoff@sun.ac.za.