SPL (School of Public Leadership)
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​​​​​​​​​​​Bachelor Degree Programmes​

The subject, Public and Development Management (PDM), with its triple focus on Public Management, Public Policy Analysis and Development Management, is offered as a major or ancillary subject in a variety of degrees within various faculties.

Undergraduate studies in Public and Development Management aim to equip students who wish to join the public sector, non-governmental sector or the development sector with professional knowledge about the required techniques and skills.

The course aims to give students a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the rapidly changing environment of public and development management within the southern African context.

It explores the roles of government and non-governmental role players and international agencies in developing societies.

The course also includes a strong focus on civic life and the rights and duties of citizens and helps students develop their own independent judgement in making political and administrative choices.


Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences​

For admission to degree programmes within the jurisdiction of Economic and Management Sciences, such as BCom, full Matriculation exemption, an average pass mark of at least 50% and a pass mark of 40% (higher grade) or 50% (standard grade) in mathematics is required.

Undergraduate Brochure

As a major in:​

BCom (Management Sciences)

  • focus area Public and Development Management
  • focus area Human Resources Management

BCom (Economic Sciences)

  • focus area Economics (Public Sector)

As a major or ancillary in:​

  • BCom is a broad programme without a specific focus area.​

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

For admission to degree programmes within the jurisdiction of Arts, like the BA in Socio Informatics, the BA in ​Human Resource Management and the BA Development and Environment, full matriculation exemption and an average pass mark of 50% are required

 As a Major in:

  • BA (Human Resource Management)
  • BA (Development and Environment)

As Ancillary up to Second Year Level in:

  • BA (Social Work)
  • BA (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) ​​​