SPL (School of Public Leadership)
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​​​Academic Staff

Director: School of Public​ Leadership

Prof Zw​elinzima Ndevu

+27 21 918 2150

Area of Specialisation

​People Management​​
Public Administration
Local Government​

Head of ​Doctorate Programme Doctorate in Public & Development Management

Prof Pregala Pillay

+27 21 808 3602

Area of Specialisation


Professor: Environmental Management

Prof Martin De Wit

+27 21 808 4273

Area of Specialisation

Environmental and Ecological Economics
Environmental Governance

Professor: Public Policy & Monitoring and Evaluation​

Prof Babette Rabie

+27 21 918 4186

Area of Specialisation

Public Policy
Public Sector Evaluation

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​Professor: Development Studies

Prof​ Firoz Khan

+27 21 808 3037

Area of Specialisation

Development Studies
Heterodox Economics
​Institutional Theory

Professor & Academic Head: PGD Public Finance​ Management

Prof Tania Ajam

+27 21 918 4124​​

Area of Specialisation

Public Financial Management
Public Finance
Public Economics
Public Policy
Digital Transformation
ICT Governance
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations

Lecturer &​ Academic Head: Social Impact

Mr Johnny Douglas

+27 21 918 4408​​

Area of Specialisation

Project Management
Shared Services in Local Government
Local Governance
Community Services
Environmental Health/Municipal Health
Environmental Management, Building Control
Public Management
Disaster Management
Public Participation and Integrated Community Development
Ethics in the Public Sector

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Senior Lecturer: Environmental Management​

Dr Samantha Williams


+27 21 808 2195

Area of Specialisation​

Environmental Management
Sustainable Governance of Natural Resource Systems

Lecturer: Diploma in Sustainable Development

Dr Ruenda Loots​

+27 21 881 3952​​​

Area of Specialisation

Sustainable development
Sustainable Design Technologies

Lecturer: Diploma in Sustainable Development

Mr Shaun Dunn​​

+27 21 881 3952​​​

Area of Specialisation

Education for Sustainable Development
Indigenous Knowledge Systems & Traditional Knowledge​

Lecturer and Programme Head: Advanced Diploma in Accountability

Ms Deyana Isaacs​​

+27 21 918 4131​​​

Area of Specialisation

​Project Management
Women in Management
People Management
Leadership Development
Governance and Accountability in the Public Sector

​Lecturer: People Management

Ms Ashlene van der Berg-Ross​​​

+27 21 808 2316​​​​

Area of Specialisation

​People Management
Public Administration​

​Lecturer and Programme Head: Diploma in Public Accountability​

Mr Werner Burger

+27 21 918 4383​​​​

Area of Specialisation

Public Policy Implementation
Public Sector Risk Management​

​Lecturer: Public and Development Management

Ms Melissa Botha

+27 21 808 2148

Area of Specialisation

Women in Management
People Management
Public Participation
Ethics, Anti-corruption

​​Lecturer: Public and Development Management

Ms Kerotse Marilyn Kekana​

+27 21 808 2195

Area of Specialisation​

Poverty Alleviation

Public Management and Policy


​Sustainability Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation