Industrial Psycholohy
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Vision and Mission

‚ÄčThe vision of the Department of Industrial Psychology is:

A Department seen by all its stakeholders as a leading academic institution of Industrial Psychology in the RSA, respected on an international level and within the US a role model for other academic departments.

The Department actively strives in terms of this vision to do the following:


Position its graduates in the market as Professional, Scientific, Strategic Business Partners, who can simultaneously fulfil the roles of Industrial Psychologists or Human Resource Practitioners, Behavioural Scientist and Business partners with confidence and ease.

Empower its students through teaching to creatively, professionally and knowledgeably manage people within organizations so as to maximally benefit their organizations, themselves and South Africa;

Significantly contribute to the extension of the discipline of Industrial Psychology through its own research and that of its students;

Demonstrate its social and environmental responsibilities towards the full spectrum of the South African society through scholarly community service;

Continuously and convincingly practically demonstrate the instrumentality of the scientific method and the resultant knowledge base for responsible and creative people management [in the field of Industrial Psychology].