Industrial Psycholohy
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Code of Conduct

​​The aim of the Code of Conduct is to establish and develop the workplace culture of the Department of Industrial Psychology.  Its purpose is not to prescribe strict rules, but rather to set out guidelines for acceptable behaviour.  In order to realise the aim of the Code, the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour, performance, honesty, courtesy, respect and loyalty will be expected from all those involved.

The academic and non-academic staff of the Department of Industrial Psychology:

  • demonstrate a client-oriented approach in their attitudes and actions to all stakeholders involved with the Department;
  • are innovative and receptive to new ideas;
  • continuously strive for the highest standards in education, research, service, professional image and actions, transparency and trust in their relationships with all stakeholders;
  • create an environment in which it is possible to interact and communicate openly and honestly and in which information is shared freely;
  • adopt a professional, reasonable and mature approach in dealing with conflict and grievances;
  • will not discriminate unreasonably, directly or indirectly, in their behaviour towards colleagues and clients on any of the grounds set out in the bill of Human Rights;
  • create a working environment that is sensitive to the diversity of South African society and that is free of any form of racism as defined in the relevant national legislation;
  • support self-development by using opportunities to acquire and develop the appropriate skills;
  • strive continuously to find ways of contributing personally to the Department's mission;
  • are committed to addressing the inequalities of the past and to playing a constructive role in creating mechanisms to eliminate inequalities in the future.