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Asset management.jpgAfrica Centre for HIV/AIDS Management

The Centre is a unit for education, research and community service related to HIV and AIDS management in the workplace.

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Asset management.jpg Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement

The Centre (at USB) sees itself as a catalyst and thought leader in developing the theory and practice of mediation in all its forms, with a special emphasis on conflicts involving economic actors.

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Asset management.jpg Bureau for Economic Research (BER)

The Bureau is an economic research institution. It monitors and forecasts economic trends, and identifies and analyses factors (both locally and internattionally) that affect South African businesses.

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Asset management.jpg Centre for Corporate Governance

The Centre (at USB) conducts multi-disciplinary research and offers educational and development activities to improve the effectiveness of corporate governance in African organisations.

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Asset management.jpg Centre for Statistical Consultation

The Centre assists researchers and postgraduate students with statistical aspects of their research, including the calculation and interpretation of results.

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Asset management.jpg Institute f​or Futures Research (IFR)

The Institute is a research institution uniquely positioned to assist decision-makers and strategic planners in initiating and managing medium to long-term change.

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Asset management.jpg The Centre for Sustainability Transitions (CST)

The Centre for sustainability Transitions (CST) at SU brings together complexity thinking, sustainability science and transdisciplinary research methodology.

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Asset management.jpg ACCERUS

This Centre is a specialist anti-corruption education and trainin institute. Its accredited anti-corruption courses impart the knowledge, awareness, skills and strategies to introduce and enforce effective anti-corruption programmes in the public and private sectors.

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Elite grant biplot Centre for Multi-dimensional Data Visualisation (MuViSU)

The core activities of MuViSU are three-fold:
  • To extend multi-dimensional visualisation methodology and related techniques, such as biplots, through theoretical developments;
  • The application of newly derived techniques to data sets originating from various fields;
  • The development, maintenance, and improvement of an extensive collection of R functions for constructing all necessary graphical displays and performing various multi-dimensional visualisation based techniques.

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