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Staff Graduate School of Economic and Management Sciences (StEM)


The StEM "PhD-track" is a natural evolution of the Graduate School's ​​full-time PhD programme to make the its existing structures available to full-time academic staff members of Stellenbosch University's faculty of Economic and Management Sciences that are aspiring to undertake their doctoral studies. 

The primary objectives that is set out for the STEM PhD track is the following:

  • ​To provide a structured framework within which academic staff can pursue their doctoral studies.
  • This programme aims to support staff with the specific goal of completing their PhDs in a period of four (or five) years.
  • To contribute to a culture of scholarship in the faculty by utilizing a collaborative cohort based model of doctoral education for young academic staff.
  • To provide a centralized point from which administrative and infrastructural support can be coordinated for candidates on the PhD track.
  • To coordinate and provide opportunities for PhD track candidates to enter the supportive courses that are available through existing university bodies, such as the African Doctoral Academy (ADA); the Postgraduate and international Office (PGIO); and the Division of Research Development (DRD).
  • To provide a systematic basis for the research expectations and the evaluation thereof for the annual work-agreement of young academics. ​
  • To provide lecturer replacement support to members of the programme to open time for their doctoral research.

Registration for the StEM PhD programme:

  • To register candidates need to complete the StEM registration form and submit to the Gradaute School Office (
Additional Information:

For further information regarding the structure of the programme or the registration process, contact Dr Jaco Franken at or (021) 808 9545