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Africa Centre for Scholarship


​The Africa Centre for Scholarship (ACS) plays a strategic role in positioning SU as a champion of scholarship on the African continent. This it achieves by promoting, developing and enhancing emerging scholars and scholarship across the continent, both from SU and elsewhere. It also coordinates research on internationalisation and global engagement.

​​Vision and mission

The vision of the Africa Centre for Scholarship is to develop and empower new and emerging scholars in Africa, in order to contribute to the progress of the continent and its people by means of capacity development and scholarship enhancement.

The approach is to work closely within the institution, collaborating with staff within the University's existing partner institutions and building new partnerships with other strategic institutions and organisations. Furthermore the Centre designs and develops scholarship training activities in conjunction with other partner institutions to host onsite, online and at partner institutions across the continent. 

​Key objective:

The work of the ACS strives to address:

  • African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 - to enhance the quality of education at institutions of Higher Education on the continent and increase the production of quality research on the continent;
  • Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA),
  • Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality of Education​

The scope of activities includes the following focus areas:

  • Offering generic accredited doctoral capacity development short courses across disciplines in Africa
  • Providing scholarships to aspiring scholars from across the continent to participate in the African Doctoral Academy (ADA) Schools at Stellenbosch University. Offering courses enhancing supervisory capacity across disciplines in Africa
  • Offering opportunities to Emerging Scholars to develop their research knowledge , skills and career trajectory through the Emerging Scholars Initiative (link to Joint Schools in Africa page)
  • Creating opportunities for aspiring scholars to network
  • Providing teaching opportunities for the University's staff to increase their opportunities to collaborate with other scholars on the continent.