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​With an extensive network of partner institutions on six continents, Stellenbosch University (SU) is changing the lives of its students by offering them a truly international experience. SU International facilitates student exchanges with more than 100 institutions abroad, from SciencePo and Leipzig to West Virginia and Nagoya University.

You can apply to study on exchange at a partner university for one or two semesters. This section provides you with guidelines and advice on various exchange-related issues. Reading through it will give you a clearer idea of what a student exchange entails, and whether it’s something you would like to consider.​​​

The target group for semester exchanges are undergraduate and postgraduate students, excluding PhD students. The reason why PhD students are not included, is because they are normally not recognized as exchange students at partner universities, but rather seen as visiting scholars. ​​

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Applications will open

Semester 1 2025- 1 July – 15 August

​Partner Institutions

​Application Deadlines

  • ​Applications for the first semester of 2025: 1 July - 15 August 

  • Application for the second semester of 2025: 1 February - 13 March 

  • BCom International Business: Please refer to the internal BCom IB website​.

Key Considerations for a Semester Exchange​​​ 

Please take note of the foll​owing considerations when you start thinking about a semester exchange. More information is available on the application portal.

Selecting a Partner University

To select the appropriate partner university it is important that there is an alignment between three factors: Academics, Finances and Personal Preferences.

Personal preference: If you prefer to go to a certain country, then start looking at institutions from that country. Sometimes, however, it is important to question these preferences and try to move outside your “comfort zone”.

Academic requirements: You can't go to an university where suitable course equivalents is not on offer, specifically if you need to transfer credits back to Stellenbosch University. The same principle applies for students doing research.

Financing your semester exchange

Stellenbosch University and its partner universities are committed to limiting the financial costs incurred by students who participate in exchanges. For this reason, travel bursaries, tuition waivers and other benefits (where applicable and possible) are provided and negotiated. It is however important to note that students will also need to make a financial contribution towards their own respective study trip. In many cases it is only to cover living expenses, extra travel expenses, administrative costs and to comply with visa requirements.

Financial instruments that you can use:

  • Exchange Bursary, to help cover travel expenses.
  • Tuition waiver at Partner University
  • Third component funding, which is depended on the Parner University Housing Scholarship or Monthly Stipend Erasmus + Scholarship with certain Bilateral Agreements Government Scholarships (For example, Belgium Priority Programme Scholarship)