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Please find below frequently asked questions from Stellenbosch University students that would like to make use of study abroad opportunities.

Funding I want to Study Abroad Semester Exchange Application Questions about Visas and Passports


Are there financial support available for students studying abroad?

Do you provide full funding for study opportunities?

I want funding for a Contiki tour, can I apply for funding?

I would like to apply for funding for an international co-curricular opportunity. Where can I apply?

Is study abroad affordable?

Where can I find information about funding for doing a full degree abroad?

I want to Study Abroad

I want to do a full degree abroad, what do I need to do?

I would like to go abroad, what do I need to do?

What is the chances of my application being successful?

Must you be a South African citizen to be able to make use of the opportunities coordinated by SU International?

My marks is not good, can I go abroad?


Semester Exchange Application

Am I responsible for putting together my learning agreement?

How do I choose a partner university?

How long does the semester exchange application take?

Must I be registered while I am studying abroad?

Why have I not been placed at my first choice?

Will I need to find my own housing?


Questions about Visas and Passports

Are there costs involved with a visa application?

Can I apply for a visa before I get accepted at the host institution?

Can SU International ask that a visa application be speeded up?

Do I need a passport if I want to study abroad?

Do I need a visa?

I want to apply for a passport, can you help me?

I want to immigrate, can you help me?

Should I have a passport by the time I apply for a study abroad opportunity?

What type of visa do I need?