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Pre-registration Information for Undergraduate & Postgraduate International Students

Prepare and get ready for 2022.

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Why SU?

We offer international students an education experience like no other.

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Maties Abroad 

Study abroad opportunities for Stellenbosch U​niversity students.

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Welcome & Orientation Programme for Semester Students

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Partner Institutions

SU International negotiates and manages all SU's institutional partnerships. Depending on its nature and scope, a partnership agreement can regulate any number of activities between SU and a peer institution.

Networks & Consortia

Stellenbosch University enjoys membership of several African-based and international consortia, through which the university engages with institutions around the world.

SU Africa Platform

SU's Africa platform is coordinated by SU International's Centre for Collaboration in Africa (CCA). The CCA's mandate is to develop and nurture relationships between SU and its partner institutions elsewhere on the continent.