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Your Family


​We understand that relocating with your family to a foreign country can be daunting and stressful. We would like to ensure that your family is just as excited as you, to start your position in Stellenbosch.


Schooling for your ch​​​​​ildren

  • If parents have the necessary documentation to work/Study in South Africa, their children will be allowed to enroll​ at a local school with a valid study permit

  • ​Stellenbosch has a number of schools that offer tuition in English. The following schools serve the English–speaking community of Stellenbosch. If you are interested in enrolling your child/children, you may enquire at SU International for some guidance however, kindly note that it is the parent's responsibility to contact the school directly to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Download school list here

Spouse Group (Spice Group)

  • SU International initiated an organization specifically for the spouses of international students, staff, postdoctoral fellows as well as academic. Spouses meet every Tuesday for excursions and other activities. If you your spouse is interested in joining do contact SU International. They can also provide other general support.
  • Contact: Maggie Goosens : Tell +27 824272924  email: