​International Staff Checklist ​​

Relocation can be an overwhelming process; however, once it is broken into stages, it becomes easier to identify challenges and to manage the steps that follow.  We identified three stages in relocating to South Africa:

Pre-departure arrangements, arrival itself, and post-arrival steps. 


  •  Find out more about South Africa.
  •  Start the visa process, ensuring you apply for the correct visa.  You and your family might need to apply for different types of visas. Start early, and give enough time for the applications to be processed.
  • Search for suitable accommodation, or at least some short term option that you can use on arrival while you search for something more permanent.
  • Arrange moving of belongings and possibly storage options.
  • Applying for school admissions (if relocating with family).
  • Finalise travel arrangements.
  • Confirm airport transport and local transport options.​


  • Give yourself time to settle in
  • Familiarize yourself with surrounding neighborhoods​
  • Consider storage solutions.
  • Arrange for SU access to buildings, IT Services, parking
  • Attend On Boarding session arranged by HR
  • Attend Orientation session by SUI
  • Finalise any outstanding documentation and contracts


  • Confirm long term accommodation option (if you made use of temporary accommodation option)
  • Find a suitable doctor, your local pharmacy, grocery store, shopping area.
  • Find cultural training opportunities, if needed
  • Look into language training (if applicable).​