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​​​​​​​​​​​​Partner Engagement

Stellenbosch University defines internationalisation as:

Defining internationalisation as comprehensive implies that it is an institutional imperative influencing all facets of the University. This comprehensive institutional imperative can be captured by using eight dimensions, while recognising that these dimensions may be inter-related and that aspects within one dimension (may) relate to another or others (multi-layered). These eight dimensions are used as a guiding framework for the internationalisation strategy.

The 4th dimension is the engagement dimension. The engagement dimension refers to bi-lateral and multi-lateral partners or consortia in various geographical areas. Also important is stakeholder engagement with international education organisations and with government, industry and business on international, national and local level. Engagement includes building and maintenaning relationships. 

Contact Person: Partnerships

  • Sarah van der Westhuizen

Contact Person: Networks

  • Kirwan Adams 

Contact Person: SU Africa

  • Dr Nico Elema