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Welcome & Orientation Programme for Semester Students

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Important Communication regarding the Second Semester >
In order to ensure that you settle in at Stellenbosch University with relative ease Stellenbosch University International has curated a 2-part orientation following a hybrid approach.
  • Part 1 of the orientation will consist of live online sessions presented in the month of July 2021. Students will receive an invite to the live sessions via email.
  • Part 2 of the orientation will take place once you are in Stellenbosch. Part 2 of the orientation will take place in the week of 2 August and will follow a hybrid format.
  • Other things to remember:
    • Remember to upload your Pre-registration Documents​
    • Watch the recorded online orientation sessions​ before the Welcome and Orientation Week.
    • It is very important that all students arrive in Stellenbosch no later than 1 August 2021. (Alternative arrangements will be made for late arrivals​.)
    • Take note that classes start on 10 August.​
    • Postgraduate Full-degree International students that would like to attend the orientation needs to email Angelo Jephtha to receive the respective meeting links. (This is not applicable for semester students.) 
  • All Covid-19 protocols will be strictly observed.

Updated Orientation Programme ➔

This hybrid orientation programme consists of online and face to face sessions. In this orientation students will be introduced to a variety important themes and topics.

Get a Matie Buddy ➔

Are you an international exchange student coming to Stellenbosch University in 2022? Feeling worried or anxious about the new environment? Don't be - just sign up for a Matie Buddy!

Sign Up for our Airport Transfer Service ➔

Semester mobility students qualify for one free airport transfer at the beginning of the semester.

Technical Requirements for the Orientation Week

All live sessions will be conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform and for that reason it is important to take note of the following technical requirements.

Installing Microsoft Teams:

We strongly recommend that you install Microsoft Teams on your device beforehand.

Go to this link and click on Download Teams.

Follow the prompts to install the app on your computer. When prompted, enter your Stellenbosch University email address and password. It is not a problem if you don’t have a Stellenbosch University username or account, just follow these instructions​.

Session Requirements:

  • ‘Arrive’ 5 - 10 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Make sure that your speakers are not muted.
  • When entering the session mute your mic and turn off your video using the buttons at the bottom of your screen.

Pre-registration Documents

Certain documents need to be provided before you can be registered at Stellenbosch University for a semester exchange. Your registration is also a requirement to be able to use the WiFi on campus. 

Students travelling to South Africa and will be on campus needs to provide the following documents:
  • Scanned copy of the identification page in your passport
  • Scanned copy of your visa
  • Proof of South African Medical Insurance
  • Proof of payment
Students following courses online from their home country needs to provide the following documents:
  • ​Scanned copy of the identification page in your passport
  • Proof of payment
​Please submit your documents by using the link below. The link is password protected, and the password will be shared with you by the semester coordinators.​

Submit your Pre-registration Documents >
​ ​​

Important Covid-19 Resources

Institutional Covid-19 Updates ➔

South African Covid-19 Resource Portal ➔

Recorded Orientation Sessions for Semester Students

Below you will find various pre-recorded sessions to help orientate yourself in terms of starting a new semester at Stellenbosch University. ​It is important to review them before attending the live sessions in the welcoming week. You can also later return to these sessions if you need a recap.

Online Pre-departure Session (2 July 2021) ➔

Pre-registration Information (2 July 2021) ➔

Student Finances ➔

Safety & Security (8 July 2021) ➔

IT Orientation ➔

Register your device for network access ➔

Student Life at SU (9 July 2021) ➔

Student Accommodation at SU (9 July 2021) ➔

Academics & Registration (16 July) ➔

Intercultural Adaptation (8 July 2021) ➔


  • Angelo Jephtha 
  • Email: acj(at)​​

​​Important Contact Numbers​​​​​​

  • CSCD 24-hr Crisis Service
    082 557 0880/010 205 3032
  • ​​​Security
    021 808 2333
  • Campus Health Service
    021 808 3496/3494​​

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