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SU International negotiates and manages all SU's institutional partnerships. Depending on its nature and scope, a partnership agreement can regulate any number of activities between SU and a peer institution, including:

  • financial matters and arrangements;
  • joint PhD programmes;
  • administrative cooperation, such as information exchange on best practices;
  • staff and student mobility;
  • research cooperation; and
  • intellectual property rights and legal obligations.​
Erasmus+ Applications

If assistance is needed with applications and agreements for International Credit Mobility (ICM) [Key Action 1 (KA1)] and Capacity Building for Higher Education (CBHE) projects [Key Action 2 (KA2)], please reach out to Stellenbosch University International.

Stellenbosch University International can also provide information in terms of existing partnerships, where needed. Please contact Zanele Macingwana ( ) and Sarah van der Westhuizen (

​O​pportunities for Staff and Students​

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Opportunities for Staff from Partner Universities ➔

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Opportunities for Stellenbosch University Staff ➔

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  • Sarah van der Westhuizen
  • sarahvdw(at)​

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