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Matie Buddy Programme

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Moving from familiar surroundings to a new country with new people and new cultures is not always easy. Our Matie Buddy programme provides international students with an opportunity to connect with a local student even before they arrive in South Africa. This will help them settle into life at Stellenbosch University. 

Applying for the programme is voluntary, but we do recommend it to all our international students. Filling in the application form is quick and easy. So, submit your application as soon as possible and get in touch with your buddy before you start packing.​ 

​Inviting local students to sign up as a Matie Buddy

Are you outgoing? Up for adventure? Do you like helping people and making them feel at home? As a Matie Buddy, your primary role will be to connect with international exchange students as they prepare to come to SU, as well as once they have arrived. You will provide them with any extra help they need to make their move to South Africa as easy as possible. In addition, we also encourage  Matie Buddies to offer their assistance with SU International's orientation event hosted each semester.

By signing up as a Matie Buddy, you commit to:

  • making contact with your international student buddy during the June and December holidays; 
  • trying to maintain contact throughout the semester;
  • attending a compulsory first meeting; and
  • possibly also offering help with the welcome and orientation programme, ISOS, International Food Evening, campus tours, Intercultural Competency Initiative and other events throughout the semester.

This is the perfect way to see the world while in Stellenbosch! Registration is easy – simply fill in the online form (to be added). 



  • Angelo Jephtha
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