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Centre for Collaboration in Africa

​​​​​​​​​​The CCA aims to nurture relationships with institutions in other African countries, through bilateral agreements, mobility programmes for both staff, post-doctoral fellows, and students, and supporting themed research networks, with the aim of broadening the reach of SU research, advancing the growth of its scholars and furthering our African network.

The scope of activities includes:
  1. Creating an enabling environment for partnership development and support for bilateral and multilateral partnerships in Africa, through initiatives such as the SU Africa Platform.
  2. Continue to grow awareness amongst staff and students of opportunities in other African countries, through coordinating events such as Africa Day and Africa University day on the different campuses.
  3. Administering Africa Collaborations Grant (ACG) to support mobility activities of SU staff, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Emerging Scholars and Post-graduate students with partners in other African countries.
  4. Administering scholarship opportunities for Post-Graduate students through the Intra-Africa mobility programmes.
  5. Support faculty-based multilateral networks within Africa: PANGEA (Social Sciences), RUFORUM (AfriSciences), ANIE (Sciences), SARUA (Southern African Regional Universities Association), ARUA (The African Research Universities Alliance).
  6. Support the implementation of the INTERINFO Integrated Information Systems on Internationalisation.
  7. Secretariat at SU for ARUA related activities.
  8. Secretariat for the PeriPeri-U Network for Disaster Risk Reduction in Africa.
  9. Secretariat for the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) Southern African Network of Water Centres of Excellence (SANWATCE).
  10. Support for the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPA) Centre of Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation (AUDA-STI)​ to coordinate SU's contribution to upscale innovations to the rest of the African continent.
  11. Support for the Institutional SDG/2063 Hub to promote SDG and Africa Agenda 2063-related activities within SU with International Higher Education institutions in Africa and beyond



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