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​​​​​​​​​​​As an SU student looking to broaden your horizons, you could consider attending a summer/winter school at one of SU's many partner institutions. This section provides information on partner summer and winter schools.​​ 

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Summer School Student Feedback

An online session where returning students talk about their experiences.

​Summer and winter schools are short-term, academic courses of one to six weeks hosted by various universities during the summer or winter of the northern or southern hemisphere. These courses offer a great opportunity to experience tertiary education outside South Africa.​

Currently it is not possible transfer credits for summer/winter school courses, but you will receive a certificate from the respective partner university confirming your successful attendance. ​ ​

Application Deadline

  • Deadline: Closed on 1 March 2024, however we will accept rolling late applications until all places has been filled by 31 March 2024. (Students that applied by the deadline on 1 March will get preference and will be processed first). 

Summer and Winter school Opportunities

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