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Stellenbosch University Unit for International Credentialling

​​​​​​The Stellenbosch University Unit for International Credentialling (SU-UIC) supports the evaluation and quality assurance of foreign and international qualifications to enable access of eligible applicants to quality higher education institutions, including Stellenbosch University.


The vision of the Unit is to be a trusted, effective quality assurer for international credentialling at Stellenbosch University and external school-leaving examinations administered in Africa and internationally (beyond South Africa), enabling access to quality higher education institutions in a global market.


The Unit will strive to:

  • Quality assure international school examinations upon demand.
  • Evaluate internal SU quality assurance policies and procedures for foreign qualifications for admissions into SU undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  • Develop and coordinate course content collaboratively in examinations and assessment for dedicated, professional and academic training.

Core Activities

  • Verification of external examination bodies' quality assurance processes for credible examinations (upon request).
  • Certification of specific international examinations (upon request).
  • Assessing internal credentialing processes for SU internal evaluations of foreign qualifications.
  • Development and coordination of course content for assessment training purposes in collaboration with educationists and organisations active in education.​

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