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​​Undergraduate projects

The aim of this module is to provide students with lifelong skills in obtaining, evaluating, synthesizing and forming clinical recommendations as well as applying research evidence to the clinical setting. This module helps the student to obtain knowledge, develop skills and attitudes to find and assess evidence to answer clinically relevant questions. Moreover, students are required to work both individually and in teams, and this provides students with the opportunity to develop team skills that are a necessary part of effective clinical practice. Utilising a secondary research approach in the form of conducting a systematic review or meta-analysis provides the opportunity for physiotherapy students, as novice researchers, to be trained and assessed in the essential elements of Evidence Based Practice.

Contact Person: Ms Marlette Burger

Topics covered


​​The effectiveness of a "traditional exercise program" supplemented with whole body vibration compared to a "traditional exercise program" alone on muscle strength, muscle endurance, balance and functional impact/QoL in adults with fibromyalgia.

Jessica Allderman, Margi Carstens, Heleen Malan, Solané Meiring, Anja Otto, Carin van Niekerk & Elza van Niekerk

The effectiveness of corticosteroid injections versus physiotherapy on pain, shoulder range of motion and shoulder function in patients with subacromial impingement syndrome.

Carly Africa, Kara Kotzé, Alexa Norman, Chloé Pheiffer, Anrich Gericke, Adeeb Samsodien, Natasha Miszewski


The effectiveness of physical rehabilitation versus usual care on physical fitness, function and HRQoL in ICU survivors.

Kim Isaacs, Chen-Yu Lin, Precious Mahlangu, Faeeda Moos, Aqeedah Moosa, Oriane Mukadi, Sonam Natha


The effectiveness of dynamic exercise on muscle strength, functional ability and self-reported pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Andries van Zyl, Barbara Mouton, Genevè Zaaiman, Eloise Botha, Charlotte Cronjè, Quintilian Beukes, Leigh-Ann Christians


Effectiveness of circuit training versus individualized physiotherapy in improving hemiparetic gait.

Melissa Abbey, Drikus Badenhorst, Aidan Hanna, Heike Krause, Maans Lintvelt, Hester Rabie,  Lindi Van Niekerk


The effectiveness of McKenzie exercises compared to core-targeted exercises in reducing pain, improving function and quality of life in adults with chronic low back pain.

Lee-Anne Hall, Tamlin Bailey, Nhlanzeko Hadebe , Suhail Varachia , Zaahida Shaboodien , Farhaanah Nagia, Martin Zhou


The Effectiveness of Mulligan versus Maitland in improving range of motion and decreasing pain in adults with cervicogenic dizziness.

Marike Basson, Carli Cloete, Jo-anne Deacon, Dawie Nel, Carla Smit, Jannes Strydom, Willemien van Zyl


The effectiveness of inspiratory muscle training in reducing the weaning time of mechanically-ventilated patients: an update of a systematic review with meta-analysis.

Pieter Henning, Gabriella Honsbein, Mareli Kotze, Candice Kretzmann, Candice Michelson, Stephanie Samson, Joanne Payn