Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Division of Physiotherapy


SU‟s 2030 vision is inclusive, innovative, and future focused. It is a place of discovery and excellence where both staff and students are thought leaders in advancing knowledge in the service of all stakeholders. We believe that this vision captures our aspirations for physiotherapy research.

Our research focus is to contribute towards the understanding of physical function in order to design, validate and evaluate evidence based diagnostic, preventative and rehabilitation strategies to optimize function and thereby enhance quality of life and health

The core values underpinning our research are:

  • Excellence. We are characterized by excellence in research
  • Empathy. We strive to explore the health needs of our communities, promote human dignity and facilitate meaningful health care. 
  • Innovation​. We think and act in new and different ways and make better choices and decisions for ourselves, and for our stakeholders, the country, the continent and the planet. ​