Industrial Psycholohy
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Bemagtiging Ontwikkelingskonferensie 17/07/2015

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BeukesMs ​LiezelAn Investigationinto the antecedents of intention and learnership performance in theagricultural sector of South Africa
​Chikampa​Mr VictorAn affirmative development coaching competency questionnaire
​De Goede​Mr JohanTheinternal structure of the learning potential construct as measured by theApil-B Test Battery
​Ellison​Ms Susan​The utilisation of APIL and TRAM to assess learning potential for selection and development
​Janse van Rensburg​Mr JandréSkills development in the agricultural sector: A multiple case study approach
​Janse van Vuuren​Mr JacoThe developmentof a partial school principal competency model
​MahembeDr Bright​​The contribution of prior learning, abstract reasoning capacity, information processing capacity, conscientiousness, time cognitively engaged, motivation to learn, self-leadership, self-efficacy, knowledge about cognition, regulation of cognition, learning goal orientation, and openness to experience
​Malan​Prof JohanThe impactpositive organisational factors on the career success of black employees in theSouth African work environment: An exploratory study
​Pretorius​Mnr DirkThe contributionof learning motivation, environmental unfavourableness, conscientiousness,resilience, cognitive engagement, tenacity, grit, and parental quality
​Strauss​Mr IzakThe WitzenbergPals initiative
​TheronProf Callie​​A summary of the Burger, Du Toit, Prinsloo affirmative development learning potential sturctural models
​UrquhartMr ​RobEmpowering human resources the Harambee way
​Van der Westhuizen​Ms LindieA partialaffirmative development trainer competency model
​Van Heerden​Ms Sunelle​Elaburation and empirical evaluation of the De Goede Llarning potential structural model
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