​Department of Psychiatry


Psychiatrists - Tygerberg 

​​Child and Adolescent​ Psychiatry


Dr Susan Hawkridge
MBBCh, FCPsych 

Tel: 021 938 9174/4572
Fax: 021 938 9738
Email: smh@sun.ac.za

Dr Hawkridge is a registered child and adolescent psychiatrist and she is the head of child and adolescent psychiatry services at Tygerberg Hospital . She is also a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry, Stellenbosch University and a visiting lecturer in the Departments of Psychology at Rhodes University. Her areas of interest include early onset psychotic disorders, paediatric psychopharmacology, paediatric neuropsychiatry, child and adolescent forensic psychiatry and community-based child psychotherapy. Her current service commitments include the integration of child and adolescent mental health care into primary health care services.​

Anusha Lachman.jpg

Dr Anusha Lachman

MBChB, DCH, FCPsych, MMed (Psych), Cert Child Psych, MPhil (Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)

Tel: 021 938 9021/4573
Fax: 021 938 6111
Email: anusha@sun.ac.za

Dr Lachman is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and a consultant at the adolescent inpatient unit at Tygerberg Hospital. She is also the program convener​​ for the MPhil in Infant Mental Health. Dr Lachman's research interests include: maternal and infant mental health, adolescent neuropsychiatry, and paediatric consultation liaison psychiatry.

​​Dr Sandra Swart


Tel: 021 938 4572

Email: sandra.swart2@westerncape.gov.za

Dr Graham de Bever


Tel: 021 938 4572

Email: gndb@westerncape.gov.za​

Adult​​​ Psychiatry


Professor Gerhard Jordaan
MBChB, FCPsych (PR), MMed (Psych), DMed

Tel: 021 938 9489
Fax: 021 938 9738
Email: ​​​gpj2@sun.ac.za​
Prof Jordaan is a psychiatrist, clinical head of the adult psychiatric unit at Tygerberg Hospital, and a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry. His areas of research interest include alcohol-induced psychotic disorder, eating disorders, and psychopharmacology.

Kerry Louw.jpg

Dr Kerry-Ann Louw 

MBChB, FCPsych, MMed (Psych), MPhil (Liaison Mental Health) 

Tel: 021 938 9765
Fax: 021 940 4573
Email: ​kerrylouw@sun.ac.za​

Dr Lindokuhle Thela

MBChB, FCPsych, MMed (Psych), Cert Neuropsychiatry

Tel: 021 938 9623
Fax: 021 938 9738
Email: ​thela@sun.ac.za​

Dr Thela is a lecturer and neuropsychiatrist based at Tygerberg Hospital. His research interests are HIV neuropsychiatry and neuropsychiatric aspects of epilepsy.​