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Postgraduate Diploma in Addiction Care


Programme overview

The Postgraduate Diploma in Addiction Care aims to enrich, broaden and consolidate the knowledge and expertise of professionals working within the field of addiction care, by providing them with a review of the current evidence base relevant to this field. The purpose is to improve the candidate's care for patients with substance use disorders, rather than to provide basic knowledge or research capacity.

The curriculum covers the most important areas within the field of addiction care and will help mould well-rounded addiction-care practitioners. The intended outcomes of the programme include a comprehensive knowledge of the theory relevant to the field of addiction, as well as holistic skills to provide effective, evidence-based interventions to patients with substance use disorders. Candidates will also learn about appropriate professional and ethical practices.

This qualification, however, does not entitle a candidate to provide professional counselling unless his registration with a professional body or the scope of practice of his previous qualification(s) permits him to do so.


Admission requirements

Applications are considered from individuals with the following qualifications:


  • Bachelor's degree and appropriate professional registration in a field relevant to health or social welfare where applicable, e.g. social work, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy and psychology (a four-year bachelor's degree, such as a BPsych, or alternatively a three-year bachelor's degree and a one-year honours degree,
  • Nursing diploma in conjunction with an Advanced Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing Science
  • A three-year diploma in nursing or social work, or any other relevant qualification shall be considered in accordance with the assessment and recognition of prior learning policy regarding the diploma (available from the programme coordinator)
  • At least two years' professional experience will be an advantage. 


The programme is offered in a modular fashion, and is completed on a part-time over two years. In exceptional cases, candidates may request to complete it over 1 year on a full-time basis. 

Module and credit values

Students shall complete five compulsory modules – three in the first year and two in the final year.

Introduction to Addiction 12
Assessment of Substance Misuse 12
Evidence-based Treatment 36
Addiction and special groups 36
Addiction services 24

In addition to the formal lectures and examination, all modules entail pre-reading, self-study, assignments and homework tasks. The modules Assessment of Substance Misuse, Substances and Comorbidity, Evidence-based Treatment, and Families and Addiction have compulsory practical placements. All modules other than the Introduction to Addiction module have supervision sessions outside of the indicated lecture times.


Programme coordinator: Dr L Weich

Tel.: (021) 940 4453    E-mail: