​Centre for Health Professions Education​

Current projects


Archer Elize. The value of renewing a curriculum: an evaluation of the revised MPhil in HPE. N16/10/131McNamee Lakshini. Affordances of funding for innovation and research in learning and teaching (FIRLT) for enhancing scholarship in health professions education (HPE). N18/07/072
Couper Ian. Investigating the hidden curriculum in the Stellenbosch University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. N17/02/020
Van Schalkwyk Susan. The PhD in HPE as public good.
Espen, B. Impact of various teaching innovations on a summative OSCE of 3rd year medical students: A retrospective document analysis. N18/03/027Van Schalkwyk Susan. Transformative learning: a scoping review
Louw Alwyn. Curriculum evaluation focusing on generic skills implemented into the Inter-professional Phase of the curriculum. N15/08/073​
Volschenk Mariette. A Document Review of Medical and Allied Health Curricula to Determine the Current Use and Status of Portfolios in Undergraduate Health Professional Education Programmes at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University. N16/09/117
Louw Alwyn. Introduction to teaching in health professions course evaluation study. N16/10/136
Volschenk Mariette. Ethics Reference #: A curriculum for healthcare in the 21st century: reform and renewal of the MB,ChB programme at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University. N17/08/080
McNamee Lakshini. Exploring the personal aspirations of newly qualified doctors

McNamee Lakshini (Smit Liezl first author). The Development of Competencies in an Outcome-Based Paediatric Curriculum from a Student Perspective. N15/10/121