​​​​Centre for Health Professions Education​

Current projects


Archer Elize. The value of renewing a curriculum: an evaluation of the revised MPhil in HPE. N16/10/131
Mhlabeni ​Linda. Language Matters: Preparing health science professionals for multilingual contexts. N/A
Archer Elize.  Evaluating the teaching interventions in teaching undergraduate medical students empathy (extended to 2019, 2020 as longitudinal study). N18/01/001
Mhlaneni Linda. Immediate feedback through display motivated by anonymity. S12/02/040A
​Elize Archer. An exploration of empathic communication and language competency requirements for delivery of patient-centred care to isiXhosa and Afrikaans first-language speakers. A Pilot Study. N19/01/009​​
​Petersen M. Faculty experiences of student feedback on teaching at a research-led university: An activity theory perspective.N/A
Elize Archer. Exploring Threshold Concepts in a post graduate programme in Health Professions Education. TL-2019-10496
Van Schalkwyk Susan. The PhD in HPE as public good. N/A
Van Schalkwyk Susan​. SUCCEED project: Workshop report. N/A
Van Schalkwyk Susan. Exploring the institutional logics of Health Professions Education (and or Research) units/centres/entities in Sub-Saharan Africa. N18/01/008
Jacobs Cecilia. Preparing health science professionals for multilingual contexts: an illuminative evaluation. TL-2018-7998
Van Schalkwyk Susan. Affordances of funding for enhancing scholarship of teaching and learning: Gifts for growth? N/A
​Jacobs Cecilia. Exploring the development and application of a responsive curriculum framework for healthcare professionals in South Africa. TL-2018-8838 IRPSD 1163. 8838. ​
Van Schalkwyk Susan. A framework for implementing effective distributed health professions training: using participatory action research to influence policy and practice. N/A
Louw Alwyn. A progress evaluation of the EDP programme. N11/03/067
Van Schalkwyk Susan. Publication as a measure of doctorateness.
Louw Alwyn. Curriculum evaluation focusing on generic skills implemented into the Inter-professional Phase of the curriculum. N15/08/073
Van Schalkwyk Susan and Jacobs Cecilia. Borders and tensions in the context of doctoral writing. N/A
Louw Alwyn (For Charmaine van der Merwe). Introduction to teaching in health professions course evaluation study. N16/10/136

Volschenk Mariette. A curriculum for healthcare in the 21st century: reform and renewal of the MB,ChB programme at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University. N17/08/080
Louw Alwyn. The use of web-based programmes in the teaching of anatomy: lecturer use and engagement. U19/08/031

McNamee Lakshini. Affordances of funding for innovation and research in learning and teaching (FIRLT) for enhancing scholarship in health professions education (HPE). Affordances of funding for enhancing scholarship of teaching and learning: Gifts for growth? N18/07/072
Louw Alwyn. Developing a framework for Near Peer Teaching (NPT) in a Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy (SLHT) Programme. N19/03/038
McNamee Lakshini. Exploring the personal aspirations of newly qualified doctors. N/A
Louw Alwyn. How to implement graduate attributes into a curriculum? – a scoping review. N/A
McNamee Lakshini. The Development of Competencies in an Outcome-Based Paediatric Curriculum from a Student Perspective. N15/10/121

Meyer Rhoda. The Influence of Context on the Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Nursing Students: A Scoping Review​. N/A