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The Cape Winelands includes towns like Montagu, Worcester and Paarl. It is nestled between mountains and is one of the most prominent agricultural areas in the Western Cape. It is renowned for activities like wine tasting, agricultural festivals, and outdoor activities.

The Cape Winelands District (CWD) stretches over 22 000 km2 and is home to a population of 826 439 people.  The District was established in 2008 and is divided into five sub-districts.

The district was established in 2008 and incorporates five sub-districts. Some of the most prominent health concerns in the area include TB and diabetes. 

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There are four district hospitals in the Cape Winelands, as well as, a specialised TB hospital and 53 Primary Healthcare (PHC) Facilities. In three of the sub-districts the Family Physician (FP) is the lead clinician at it district hospital, whilst in two of the sub-districts there is a regional hospital (Worcester and Paarl), where there are general specialists in the major clinical disciplines as well as a FP  responsible for PHC services. The management of each sub-district includes a medical manager, PHC manager and FP.

A registrar is allocated to a sub-district where learning will occur at the district hospital, the surrounding PHC facilities, and community. The registrar will also have the benefit of learning at the TB Specialist hospital (Brewelskloof Hospital) in Worcester and sharpening their skills by doing ‘in-reach’ to the regional hospitals (Worcester and Paarl).

The Training Complex

The CWD consists of five sub-districts: the registrar will be allocated to a sub-district where learning will occur in the district hospital, surrounding PHC facilities, community, as well as access to the TB Specialist hospital (Brewelskloof) in Worcester. Support from the regional hospitals (Worcester and Paarl) allows the registrar to obtain any skills which are not acquired within the district health system.

The following training facilities are included in the Cape Winelands District Complex.

  • Langeberg sub district – including Robertson District Hospital and the surrounding PHC facilities
  • Stellenbosch sub district – including Stellenbosch District Hospital and the surrounding PHC facilities
  • At present (November 2015), Breede Valley and Drakenstein sub-districts do not have registrar posts.

Clinical academic program

Each registrar is mentored and supervised by the resident sub district FP and supported by the FP at the District Hospital.

Worcester Hospital has a Family Medicine division, while Paarl and Worcester hospitals have specialist services like surgery, anaesthetics, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, internal medicine, orthopaedics, psychiatry, ENT and ophthalmology.

The training programme is developed based on the registrar's previous experience and specific learning needs (clinical skills needed and those required by the online family medicine modules). The registrar is expected to give patient reports, seek advice, receive feedback and to acquire skills through clinical observation. In addition, registrars will have formal meetings with their supervisors on a regular basis to establish their learning agenda, to monitor progress, present patients and reflect on their communication skills. Registrars attend a monthly meeting as arranged by the CWD FP, Dr Colette Gunst. She is the CWD Training Complex Coordinator.

The registrar is employed at the Sub-District Office and not at a single facility. Due to operational requirements and service delivery needs, it may be possible that you will be placed at, or rotated to, other Hospitals/PHC Facilities within the Sub-District during your registrarship.  You will be consulted prior to any decision being implemented. Registrars sign a 4-year contract under the agreed terms and conditions of the Province.

Contact us:

Dr Phillips: 023 3488100 or (Director CWD)

Dr Gunst: 023 348 8106 or (CWD Training Complex Coordinator)

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Registrar meeting with registrars from CWD and West Coast Districts 


Registrar meetings continued during the Covid19 pandemic, 2021


Family Physician Forum September 2020