Clinical Pharmacology
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Division of Clinical Pharmacology

Poison Information Centre


The Poison Information Centre provides a 24-hour toxicology consultation service to health care professionals (at all levels), industry, and the lay public.


Visit the Poison Information Centre website ( for a poison chart and pre-hospital management chart.


The Tygerberg Poisons Information Centre

  • Advises on, and assists with, the prevention, diagnosis and management of poisoning.Supply general information on poisons
  • Have expert toxicologists available  to advise on  biological toxins, with special reference to snakes , spiders and scorpions.
  • Assist with procedures to be followed, when dealing with cases of mass exposure to toxins after transit and industrial accidents.
  • Participates in the  WHO Chemical Risk Assessment workshops
  • Are actively involved in toxicology teaching and  training  to under and post graduate students
  • Participate in community interaction programmes concerning poisoning prevention and education