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Tygerberg Poison Information Centre


The Centre provides a 24/7 telephonic toxicology consultation service to health care professionals and the general public on the management of poisonings, the prevention of poisonings as well as drug information.

The Centre is situated in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences on the Tygerberg Campus of Stellenbosch University, in close proximity to the Tygerberg Academic Hospital. 

Although the service primarily provides in the needs of the Western Cape Province and neighbouring regions, demands to meet national requirements have been increasing steadily over the past years. A similar cross-border tendency is evident, and service interaction with other countries on the African continent continues to escalate.


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People are often concerned about spider bites but of all the many different spiders we find in and around our homes there are only four spiders that can cause illnesses. Read more​...

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Initial Pre-hospital Management of Snake bite First Aid

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