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Multilingualism in Maths Education

​​Prof Madiba (dean) attended a workshop about Multilingual Mathematics Education at Stias in August.

Please see articles about this subject as published by ​Universities South Africa​:


Multilingual mathematics classrooms can enhance learner understanding, change attitudes towards mathematics and increase success  - Source:Universities South Africa (USAf)

Africa is endowed with works of art available for classroom illustration of various mathematical concepts from elementary schooling, all the way to university instruction -- Professor Kakoma Luneta of the Faculty of Education at the University of Johannesburg, told senior academics at Stellenbosch University (SU) last week...

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Multilingual education provision is invaluable provided this model is appropriately resourced, says a higher education top executive - Source:Universities South Africa (USAf)

Learning environments allowing students to exchange mathematical ideas in their mother tongue enable learners to grasp complex concepts more naturally and deeply, thereby turning multilingualism into a gap-bridging asset between abstract mathematical thinking and real-world application...

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Issues warranting priority attention in universities' pursuit of multilingualism in mathematics teaching and learning  - Source:Universities South Africa (USAf)

Each of the three communities of practice (CoPs) that jointly hosted last week's Colloquium on Multilingualism in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics - Enhancing Success had come to this Colloquium driven by a set of distinct concern areas. In setting the tone for the day's discussion, the chairpersons of these groups highlighted the key points underscoring the importance of this meeting...

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