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Vehicle Fleet

General Information

​Trip card 
Please read all the instructions on the trip card which you have received with the Fleet Vehicle’s keys. 

Before use 
Make sure that you know of all scratches, bumps and defects, and also where the emergency equipment (such as the jack and the spare wheel) is kept. 

Fuel ​​

Before return, fill up 100% with petrol (or Diesel) at any petrol station and pay with the Fleet Vehicle’s own petrol card (in the plastic holder on the key-ring). 

​On your return, if the fuel tank is less than half full, then fill it up (to capacity). 

Warning lights 
When any of the Fleet Vehicle’s warning lights ar​e on, then do not drive further under any circumstances. 


Report all accidents to the SA Police (and to US Protection Services if the accident has occurred in the Stellenbosch area). Call the police, but do not admit liability under any circumstances (See “Do’s and Don’ts in Case of an Accident”). Phone G.P. Towing if the vehicle needs to be towed away, tel. 021-887 2516 or cel.082 807 0901 / 083 270 4483.

Defects / Complaints 
Report all defects and ​any complaints to the US Vehicle Fleet. (Please also write down the particulars on the back of the trip card).


If you are unable to get help in any other way, call:

(Vehicle Fleet) 

Office hours: (021) 808 4611

(US Risk & Protection Services)​

After hours: (021) 808 4891 

rning the Fleet Vehicle​ 

It is important that the Fleet vehicle and keys are returned at the appointed time for the next client’s use.

  • Park the Fleet Vehicle in the Vehicle Park, Banghoek Road. 
  • Lock the Fleet Vehicle and make sure that all lights are switched off.
  • Return the keys to the US Vehicle Fleet directly after use.

Travel Claims

​​Before using their own vehicles, students must first determine if the vehicle pool does not have an available vehicle. Should no vehicle be available, students may use their own vehicles. An application form must subsequently be completed for the reimbursement of travelling fees, which must be submitted to the SUNLOC offices.
Application forms for reimbursement can be downloaded from the links provided on the Home Page.​