​Division of Ophthalmology


Prof Linda Visser
Head of Division


Dr Ari Ziskind
BSc (ENG), MSc (ENG), BSc (MED), MB ChB (WITS), FCS (SA) 
Senior Specialist Consultant: Medical and Surgical Retina
Senior Lecturer

Dr Lorrimer Esselaar
BSc (UCT), MB ChB (UCT), MMed (Ophth) (Stell)
Consultant: Senior Lecturer

Dr Derrick Smit
MB ChB (Stell), FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (Stell)
Consultant: Anterior Segment Ophthalmology and uveitis
Senior Lecturer

Dr Nicola Freeman
MB ChB (Stell), FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (Stell)
Consultant: Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Senior Lecturer

Dr Mark Johnston
MB BCh (WITS), FC Ophth (SA)
Consultant: Surgical Retina
Senior Lecturer

Dr Japie Grove
MB ChB (Pret), FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (Stell)
Consultant: Surgical Retina

Dr Robyn Rautenbach
MB ChB (Stell), Dip Ophth (SA), FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (Stell)
Consultant: Medical and surgical retina

Dr Nabiel Mohamed
MB ChB (UCT), Dip Ophth (SA), FC Ophth (SA)
Consultant: Glaucoma and anterior segment

Dr.P de K Geldenhuys
MBChB (Stell) MMed(Ophth) (UOVS)
Consultant: Medical Retina
Senior Lecturer

Registrars (MMed students)

Dr Julia Jansen van Rensburg
MB ChB (UP),  Dip Ophth (SA)

Dr Schalk Du Toit
MB ChB (UFS),  Dip Ophth (SA)

Dr Ernst Janse van Rensburg
MB ChB( Stell) Dip Ophth (SA)

Dr André Haarhoff
MB ChB (Pret)

Dr Willem Gerber
MB.Ch.B (Stell), Dip Ophthal (SA)

Dr Edrich Engelbrecht
MB.ChB. (Stell) , Dip.Ophth.(SA)

Dr Jane Kawadza
MB ChB (Har), Dip HIV Man. (SA) ,Dip Ophth (SA)

Dr William Mapham
MBChB (UCT) Dip Ophth (SA)

Dr Sandika Baboolal
MBChB cum laude UKZN, Dip Ophthalm SA

Dr Malcolm Naudé
MBChB (Pret), Dip Ophth (CMSA)

Dr Ernst Baard van der Merwe
MBChB (Pret)

Dr Magdel Putter
MBChB (University of the Free State)
Dip Ophth (CMSA)

Medical Officers

Dr Clare Frances Kennedy
MBBCh (University of the Witwatersrand)

Dr S'ruti M Dave

PhD Students


Michael D Wagoner
Completion and Graduation 2008.
Thesis: "Outcome of Primary adult optical Penetrating Keratoplasty in a public health service facility of a developing country."


Darren T Oystreck
US student number  16905997
Thesis: "Congenital and genetic disruptions of human ocular motility and alignment" Registered 2010 – University of Stellenbosch.

J Fernando Arevalo
US student number 17775817
Thesis: "Intravitreal Bevacizumab as Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in the Management of Complications of Diabetic Retinopathy" Registered 2013. University of Stellenbosch. (Home base of student: King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh and Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA)

Derrick P Smit
US student number 11409363
Thesis:"An Investigation into the causes of intraocular inflammation in HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients in the Western Cape Province, South Africa" Commencement 2014. University of Stellenbosch.

Accredited and Honorary Lecturers

Dr JA Krüger;  MB ChB(Stell),  M Fam Med (OFS),  BSc (Hons) (Pharm) (Stell),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell),  FC Ophth (SA), FRCS (Ophth) (Edin) 
Dr C Stander;  MB ChB (Pret),  FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (Stell) 
Dr DM Cilliers;  MB ChB (Stell),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell) 
DR AR Berry;  MB ChB (Pret),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell) 
Dr RT Claassen;  MB ChB (Stell),  DA(SA),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell),  FC Ophth(SA) 
Dr WS v Dijk;  MB ChB (Stell),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell),  FC Ophth (SA) 
Dr LC Boezaart;  MB ChB (Pret),  M Prax Med,  MMed (Ophth) (Stell)
Dr Jannes Brandt; MB ChB (Stell),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell),  FC Ophth (SA)