​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Division of Ophthalmology


Head of Division​

Prof Linda Visser

Prof Visser.jpg

MBChB (Pret), MMed(Ophth) (Natal), FC Ophth (SA)
Associate Professor
Specialist interests: Medical and surgical retina and uveitis  


Prof Derrick Smit

Prof Smit.jpg 

MB ChB (Stell), FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (Stell), PhD (Stell)
Associate Professor
Specialist interests: Anterior Segment Ophthalmology and uveitis

DHelga Inez Abrahamse-Pillay

20220718_211448- Dr Abrahamse-Pillay.jpg

MBChB (UCT),FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (WIT​s)
Senior Lecturer

Specialist interests: Paediatric Ophthalmology

Dr Linett Du Toit
Specialist interests: Medical and surgical retina
Senior Lecturer​​

Dr David Steven
Sessional Consultant: Glaucoma

Dr Mark Johnston
MB ChB (WITS), FC Ophth (SA)
5/8 Consultant: Surgical retina

Dr Altus Basson
MB ChB (Stell),FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (Stell)​
Part-time Clinical Trainer

Dr Junet Van der Merwe
MB ChB (Stell), FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (U
Part-time Clinical Trainer​​​


  • Dr A Manthey
  • Dr S Engelbrecht
  • Dr L Odendaal
  • Dr D Van der Westhuizen​​
  • Dr L Wilsdorf
  • Dr M Keja
  • Dr K Shiviro
  • Dr M Van Zyl
  • Dr T Dawood
  • D​r M Kgatla 
  • Dr E Visser Kift​
  • Dr Jacob Biju Mark

  Medical Officer

  • Dr Ofoegbu

  PhD Completed

Michael D Wagoner
Completion and Graduation 2008.
Thesis:"Outcome of Primary adult optical Penetrating Keratoplasty in a public health service facility of a developing country."

Darren T Oystreck
Completion and Graduation 2008
Thesis: "Congenital and genetic disruptions of human ocular motility and alignment" Registered 2010 – University of Stellenbosch".

J Fernando Arevalo

Completed and Graduation in 2018.

Thesis: "Intravitreal Bevacizumab as Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in the Management of Complications of Diabetic Retinopathy" Registered 2013. University of Stellenbosch. (Home base of student: King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh and Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA)​

Derrick P Smit - Completed and Graduation in 2018.

Thesis:"An Investigation into the causes of intraocular inflammation in HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients in the Western Cape Province, South Africa" 

Accredited and Honorary Lecturers

Dr JA Krüger;  MB ChB(Stell),  M Fam Med (OFS),  BSc (Hons) (Pharm) (Stell),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell),  FC Ophth (SA), FRCS (Ophth) (Edin) 
​Dr C Stander;  MB ChB (Pret),  FC Ophth (SA), MMed (Ophth) (Stell) 
Dr DM Cilliers;  MB ChB (Stell),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell) 
DR AR Berry;  MB ChB (Pret),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell) 
Dr RT Claassen;  MB ChB (Stell),  DA(SA),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell),  FC Ophth(SA) 
Dr WS v Dijk;  MB ChB (Stell),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell),  FC Ophth (SA) 
​Dr LC Boezaart;  MB ChB (Pret),  M Prax Med,  MMed (Ophth) (Stell)
Dr Jannes Brandt; MB ChB (Stell),  MMed (Ophth) (Stell),  FC Ophth (SA)