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Graduation tickets and admission

​​​​No admission for guests to Coetzenburg Centre without guest admission tickets: 

Graduands should collect guest admission tickets at Die Stal when hiring their academic wear. 

Guests arriving at the Coetzenburg Centre without admission tickets will be accommodated in two overflow venues in the Sports Science Building where the graduation ceremony can be followed via live streaming.

Number of tickets per graduate:

Undergraduate and honours' degrees: two (2) guest tickets per graduate

Masters' degrees: three (3) guest tickets per graduate ​

Doctoral degrees: four (4) guest tickets per graduate


Important to note:

  • Seating in the Coetzenburg Centre is limited due to safety regulations based on head count. A seating ticket is required for each guest, irrespective of age. A child - even if seated on an adult's lap - is counted as a full guest and together they will require two tickets.
  • If a group of guests exceeds the number of admission tickets, only those with tickets may take up seating in the Coetzenburg Centre. The other guests will be accommodated in the overflow venues in the Sports Science Building directly behind the Coetzenburg Centre.
  • Additional guests (more than the allocated number per graduate) can be accommodated in the overflow venues, but unfortunately cannot be seated in the Centre.
  • For their own comfort it is recommended that moms with babies or toddlers rather take up seating in an overflow venue.
  • Please note that if two adults arrive with one ticket each together with a child or children without tickets the group will be accommodated in the overflow venues.
  • Late arrivals – even guests with admission tickets cannot be guaranteed seating in the Coetzenburg Centre. After the academic procession has entered the Centre for the start of the Ceremony, the doors will be closed. Guests who arrive after the start of the ceremony will have to take up seating in the overflow venues.


The Coetzenburg Centre has to be prepared for each of the eight graduation ceremonies during that week. Doors to the Coetzenburg Centre and overflow venues open 1½ hours prior the start of the ceremony.

No food, cold drinks or flavoured water is allowed in the venue. Guests are welcome to bring unflavoured still or sparkling water​.