Graduation deferral

Graduands qualifying for graduation in December 2023 may defer the awarding of their qualification to the March 2024 ceremonies. It is important to note that should you opt to defer to March 2024, you cannot request your official graduation documents from the Graduation Office.

You can arrange for deferral by completing the relevant form, which is available on the student portal. The form can be accessed by clicking here or at my.sun>>Studies>>Absence from graduation ceremony. The closing date is Friday, 24 November 2023.

Please further note that students who utilise and pass a module during the second assessment opportunity (A3 assessment period which takes place from 22 November to 8 December 2023) will receive their qualifications at the March 2024 graduation cycle, which takes place between 25 to 28 March 2024. Students in this category do not need to complete the absentia form.