Graduation walk plan

Start: Please line-up at this point in the correct sequence. A staff member will assist you.

  1. Proceed up the stairway and hand your presentation card to the official.
  2. Your name will be read out by the official.
  3. Proceed to point 3 and bend forward to the receive the ‘tap’ on the head. Look slightly up to your left for your first photo (ensure that you hair is not covering the left side of your face).
  4. Proceed to the official standing at point four. Hold out your left arm for the hood to be removed. Turn to the audience with your back the official, who will drape the hood over your shoulders. Look slightly to your right for your second photograph.
  5. Proceed down the stairs. At the bottom you will receive your sheath with your graduation documents. Please return to your original seat.

What to expect on stage at graduation? Click HERE for a demo.