Graduand Administrative Procedures

You are reminded that the onus is on you to ensure that the below information is correct on the student system by clicking here.

Please check the following on your student profile:

  1. That your name(s) and surname(s) are spelled correctly.
  2. That your full name(s) and surname(s), as per your ID document, appear on your profile (your pledge and degree certificates require your full name(s) and surname(s)).
  3. For any corrections, please send an email to:
    Stellenbosch Campus:
    Tygerberg Campus: Ms Vanessa Joseph (
    Attach a copy of your ID if you require spelling corrections and/or a copy of your marriage certificate if your require that your maiden surname be changed to your married surname.
  4. Deadline for corrections is Friday, 8 March 2024.

*Kindly note that the University will not be held liable for incorrect details (addresses and contact numbers) on the system that may result in DHL Courier Services delivering to the wrong physical addresses or not contacting graduands to confirm deliveries due to incorrect contact numbers.

Graduands will encounter an additional fee for any graduation documents issued incorrectly as a result of incorrect details on the system.

Graduands are reminded to please update their personal details, postal and contact information by Friday, 8 March 2024.