Graduation schedule

Ceremony Faculty Group allocation Date and time
1Arts and Social Sciences Group 1Monday, 25 March 2024 (13:00)
2Arts and Social SciencesGroup 2Monday, 25 March 2024 (17:00)
3Medicine and Health Sciences AllTuesday, 26 March 2024 (09:00)
4Science AllTuesday, 26 March 2024 (13:00)
5AgriSciences AllTuesday, 26 March 2024 (17:00)
6Economic and Management SciencesGroup 1Wednesday, 27 March 2024 (09:00)
7Economic and Management SciencesGroup 2Wednesday, 27 March 2024 (13:00)
8Economic and Management SciencesGroup 3Wednesday, 27 March 2024 (17:00)
9Military Science
Law (including BAccLLB)
AllThursday, 28 March 2024 (09:00)
10EngineeringAllThursday, 28 March 2024 (13:00)
AllThursday, 28 March 2024 (17:00)


Groups Qualifications
Arts and Social Sciences - Group 1BA (Development and Environment)
BA (Human Resource Management)
BA (Humanities)
BA (International Studies)
BA (Political, Philosophical and Economic Studies)
BA (Social Dynamics)
BA (Socio-Informatics)
BA (Sport Science)
BA Hons (Geography and Environmental Studies)
BA Hons (Geographical Information Systems)
BA Hons (History)
BA Hons (International Studies)
BA Hons (Philosophy)
BA Hons (Political Science)
BA Hons (Psychology)
BA Hons (Social Anthropology)
BA Hons (Sociology)
B Information Hons
M (Urban and Regional Planning)
MA (Clinical Psychology)
MA (Geographical Information Systems)
MA (Geography and Environmental Studies)
MA (History)
MA (International Studies)
MA (Philosophy)
MA (Political Science)
MA (Psychology)
MA (Public Sociology and Anthropology)
MA (Socio-informatics)
MA (Sociology)
MA (Social Anthropology)
MA (Social Science Methods)
MPhil (Applied Ethics)
MPhil (Decision-making and Knowledge Dynamics)
MPhil (Disaster Risk Science and Development)
MPhil (Information and Knowledge Management)
MPhil (Monitoring and Evaluation)
MPhil (Public Mental Health)
MPhil (Science and Technology Studies)
MPhil (Transdisciplinary Health and Development Studies)
MPhil (Urban and Regional Science)
PGD (Public Mental Health)
PGD (Social Science Methods)
PGD (Transdisciplinary Health and Development Studies)
PGD (Applied Ethics)
PGD (Disaster Risk Studies and Development)
PGD (Knowledge and Information Systems Management)
PGD (Monitoring and Evaluation)
PGD (Research Management and Administration)
PhD (Applied Ethics)
PhD (Decision-making and Knowledge Dynamics)
PhD (Evaluation Studies)
PhD (Geography and Environmental Studies A)
PhD (History)
PhD (Philosophy)
PhD (Political Science)
PhD (Psychology)
PhD (Science and Technology Studies)
PhD (Social Anthropology)
PhD (Social Science Methods)
PhD (Socio-informatics)
PhD (Sociology)
PhD (Urban and Regional Planning)
PhD (Urban and Regional Science)
Arts and Social Sciences - Group 2Higher Certificate (Music)
Dip (Practical Music Studies)
Advanced Diploma (Practical Music)
B Social Work
BA (Drama and Theatre Studies)
BA (Visual Arts)
BA (Lang and Culture)
BA (Law)
BA (Music)
PGD (Second-Language Studies)
PGD (Technology for Language Learning)
PGD (Intercultural Communication)
PGD (Film Music)
PGD (Music Technology)
BA Hons (African Languages)
BA Hons (African Languages for Professional Contexts)
BA Hons (Afrikaans and Dutch)
BA Hons (Ancient Cultures)
BA Hons (Ancient Languages)
BA Hons (Chinese)
BA Hons (Drama and Theatre Studies)
BA Hons (English Studies)
BA Hons (French)
BA Hons (General Linguistics)
BA Hons (German)
BA Hons (Journalism)
BA Hons (Translation)
BA Hons (Language Practice)
BA Hons (Visual Arts Illustration)
BA Hons (Visual Studies)
MA (African Languages)
MA (African Languages for Professional Contexts)
MA (Afrikaans and Dutch)
MA (Ancient Cultures)
MA (Ancient Languages)
MA (Creative Writing)
MA (Drama and Theatre Studies)
MA (English Studies)
MA (French)
MA (General Linguistics)
MA (German)
MA (Intercultural Communication)
MA (Second Language Studies)
MA (Journalism)
MA (Lexicography)
MA (Social Work)
MA (Translation)
MA (Technology of Language Learning)
MA (Visual Arts)
MA (Visual Arts) (Art Education)
MA (Visual Studies)
MPhil (Film Music)
MPhil (Music Technology)
PhD (African Languages)
PhD (Afrikaans and Dutch)
PhD (Ancient Cultures)
PhD (Ancient Languages)
PhD (Comparative Literature)
PhD (Drama and Theatre Studies)
PhD (English Studies)
PhD (French)
PhD (General Linguistics)
PhD (German)
PhD (Journalism)
PhD (Lexicography)
PhD (Music)
PhD (Social Work)
PhD (Translation)
PhD (Visual Arts)
Economic and Management Sciences - Group 1BCom (Industrial Psychology)
BCom (International Business)
BCom (Law)
BCom (Management Sciences)
BCom (Mathematical Sciences)
BCom Hons (Business Management)
BCom Hons (Financial Risk Management)
BCom Hons (Human Resources Management)
BCom Hons (Industrial Psychology)
BCom Hons (Logistics Management)
BCom Hons (Mathematical Statistics)
BCom Hons (Operations Research)
BCom Hons (Statistics)
BCom Hons (Transport Economics)
MCom (Business Management)
MCom (Financial Risk Management)
MCom (Human Resources Management)
MCom (Industrial Psychology)
MCom (Logistics Management)
MCom (Mathematical Statistics)
MCom (Operational Research)
MCom (Quantitative Management)
MCom (Statistics)
MCom (Taxation)
MCom (Transport Economics)
MPhil (HIV/AIDS management)
PGD (Marketing)
PGD (HIV/AIDS Management)
PGD (Strategic Human Res)
PGD (Transport and Logistics)
PhD (Business Management)
PhD (HIV/AIDS Management)
PhD (Industrial Psychology)
PhD (Logistics)
PhD (Logistics Management)
PhD (Mathematical Statistics)
PhD (Transport Economics)
PhD (Operational Research)
PhD (Statistics)
Economic and Management Sciences - Group 2B Accounting
BCom (Actuarial Sciences)
BCom (Economic Sciences)
BCom (Financial Accounting)
BCom (Management Accounting)
PGD (Accounting)
PGD (Actuarial Science)
BCom Hons (Actuarial Sciences)
BCom Hons (Economics)
BCom Hons (Management Accounting)
MCom (Actuarial Science)
MCom (Computer Auditing)
MCom (Economics)
PhD (Accounting)
PhD (Agricultural Economics)
PhD (Economics)
Economic and Management Sciences - Group 3Diploma in Public Accountability
Advanced Diploma in Public Accountability
Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Development
Dip (Sustainable Development)
PGD (Business Management and Administration)
PGD (Development Finance)
PGD (Environmental Man)
PGD (Financial Planning)
PGD (Future Studies)
PGD (Leadership Development)
PGD (Project Management)
PGD (Public Financial Management)
PGD (Sustainable Development)
B in Public Admin Hons
BCom Hons (Public and Development Management)
MCom (Public and Development Management)
MPhil (Development Finance)
MPhil (Environmental Management)
MPhil (Futures Studies)
MPhil (Management Coaching)
MPhil (Leadership Coaching)
MPhil (Sustainable Development)
PhD (Business Management and Administration)
PhD (Development Finance)
PhD Future Studies
PhD (Public and Development Management)
PhD (Sustainable Development Planning and Management)