Graduating in absentia

Candidates who are unable to attend the ceremony can arrange for their degree, diploma or certificate to be awarded in absentia by completing the form on Absence from graduation ceremony before Monday, 13 March 2023.

Where arrangements have been made for graduation in absentia, the relevant graduation documents will automatically be sent to the street address captured on the University’s database, after the conclusion of the entire graduation series. Please click here for more information on the distribution of graduation documentation.

Graduating in Absentia: Distribution of Graduation Documentation

Graduates who could not attend their respective ceremony, or who indicated that they would graduate in absentia, will receive their graduation documentation as follows:

Local and International deliveries

Your graduation documents will be issued to you via DHL Couriers who will deliver to your door, provided that your current street address and contact numbers are updated on the system. DHL Couriers will contact you on the contact number provided on the system to notify you of the delivery. Please make sure your street address and contact details are correct on the system. Please note no documentation with PO Box addresses will consequently be sent out. You will be responsible to make your own arrangements with Mr Ricardo Isaacks at to collect your documentation.

Kindly note, the University will not be held liable for incorrect details (addresses and contact numbers) on the system which may result in DHL Courier Services delivering to wrong street addresses or not being able to contact graduates to confirm deliveries due to incorrect contact numbers. It is important and remains your responsibility to update your details before the closing date (Friday, 10 March 2023).