​​Notice to Members of the Convocation: Election of the Executive Committee of the ConvocationUntitled-1.jpg

​In accordance with clause 51 of the Statute (2019), Convocation must elect from its ranks a president, a vice-president, a secretary and two other members, who will form part of the Executive Committee of Convocation.

Members of Convocation of Stellenbosch University are hereby invited to nominate member(s) to serve as the Executive Committee for a term of three (3) years after the previous Executive Committee's term has ended. The (three-year) term of the newly elected Executive Committee will be from the day the results of the election are announced.

Members of Convocation are requested to submit electronic nominations for suitable candidates to fill these vacancies in terms of the Procedure to nominate and elect the Convocation Executive Committee.

Nominations open on 12 February 2024, for 30 (thirty) days and will close on 13 March 2024. Nomination forms must reach us before 23:59 on the closing date. No late nominations will be accepted. Kindly note that we will not be sending out reminders before the closing date.

Nomination forms:

A member must be nominated for election by one (1) proposer and four (4) other members must second the nomination. Please clearly indicate the position(s) that the member is making themselves available for on the nomination form. The nomination must be accompanied by a declaration by the nominee that they accept the nomination and will abide by the rules for the election, and by a vision statement of no more than 100 words by the nominee. The nomination may also include a CV (opt​ional). Nominations must be submitted via e-mail toemail icon.jpgelections@sun.ac.za on or before the closing date.
According to clause 47(1) of the Statute (2019), all persons on whom a qualification has been conferred at a congregation of the University, all full-time academic staff of the University and all former full-time academic staff of the University who left the service of the University on account of their having reached retirement age are members of  Convocation and eligible to be nominated to serve on the Executive ​Committee of Convocation. Convocation members as listed may also act as proposer or second a nomination.
Dr Ronel Retief
Stellenbosch University
9 February 2024 

Should you wish to opt-out of receiving Convocation-related information, you will need to resign from the Convocation in writing by sending an email to email icon.jpg konvokasie@sun.ac.za